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Club management
The Management Team

Behind the scenes in the SABRF
The S.A.B.R.F. is the unifying body that organises, promotes and controls national and international competitions for its members throughout South Africa and the world.

The S.A.B.R.F. ensures that members have equal opportunity to participate in national and international events based on performance only.

The South African Birmingham Federation consists of clubs (at least 2 members within a club) of all areas within South Africa that compete with their Rolling Pigeons in various competitions like the SA Nationals, Anglo Cup and World Cup Fly.

Points are awarded based on the amount of Pigeons that roll together as well as the depth of the roll and the quality of the kit. Rules defined by the World Cup Fly does apply.

A Chairperson, secretary, treasurer and World Cup Coordinator is nominated by members of the Federation to represent them.

Federation champion and worldcup winner
(Vernon Axsel ) 


1World Cup
2National: Open
3Anglo/Africa Cup
4Hall of Fame
5National: Yearlings4321
6National: Babies321-
The Federation Member with the Highest total at the end of the season, will be crowned as the SABRF CHAMPION.




Saturday 30 Jan : Annual General Meeting.

Saturday 12 March : Management meeting. (Region 2)

Saturday 19 March : Deadline WC/Membership Fees + Detailed List of Region.

Saturday 7 May : SABRF show. (Helpers region 4)

Saturday 7 May : Management meeting. (After the show)

Thursday 16 June : Deadline WC Regional Fly completed. (Detailed results to Sparks)

Saturday 25 June : Management meeting. (Region 4) (WC)

11-21 July : World Cup Final in SA.

Sunday 31 July : Regions elect new RD + LAD. (RD’s vote to elect CC)

1-7 August : Proposed Hall of Fame fly.

Monday 15 August : Deadline National Fees.

Saturday 20 August : Management meeting. (Region 1) (Nationals + Show)

1 Sept-31 October : Nationals.

Saturday 3 Sept : SABRF show. (Helpers region 2)

Saturday 12 Nov : SABRF Price giving.

Saturday 21 Jan 2017 : Management meeting. (Region 2)

Saturday 28 Jan 2017 : SABRF AGM.
SA Birmingham Roller LEGENDS/LEGENDES.

Adam Stander Aubrey McKay (2006) Baba Gomes (2006)

Ben van Heerden Boet Smal ( ) Colyn Nel

Edgar Roscoe Ervin Kay (2012) Gerrit Celliers

Gert du Plessis (2015) George Sokonech(Snr) (2004) Hannes Rossouw

Henk van Rensburg James Jennings ( ) Jim Taylor

Jimmy Roodt (2015) John Dicks ( ) Johnny Conradie

Kenny Snyders Koos Stander Percy Pienaar ( )

Piet Range ( ) Raymond Holbert ( ) Riaan Kruger

Steve Naude Tielie Kotze Tom du Toit

Toppie Jansen Eddie Waters ( )


*A pigeon fancier who played an exceptional role in establishing and/or development of the Birmingham roller hobby in SA. / ʼn Duiweliefhebber wat ʼn uitsonderlike rol gespeel het in die vestiging en/of die uitbou van die Birminghamrollersport in SA.

*Will receive an award as a Legend / Ontvang ʼn toekenning as Legende.

*Lifelong member (functions and activities) / Lewenslange lid (funksies en aktiwiteite)

*Still active- must still pay competition fees / Nog aktief- moet nog kompetisiegelde betaal.

*Names can be added or deleted, with a ⅔ majority vote from management and AGM. / Name kan bygevoeg of afgehaal word, met ʼn ⅔ meerderheidstem van die bestuur en AJV.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (Jan. 2016)


1999: Duke Jacobs(8),Andries Gouws(10).

2000: Africa/Europe section: Ewald Botha(1), Jimmy Roodt(2), Gawie Cilliers(6),Duke Jacobs(7), Jude Roscoe(8),Ervin Kay(9),Mark Cullen(10).

2001: Fanie Gouws(2).

2002: Colyn Nel(7),Johan du Preez(9),Buks Knoetze(10).

2003: Buks Knoetze(2),Edgar Roscoe(3),Gert du Plessis(5),Jim Taylor(9).

2004: ---

2005: Brian McKenzie(5),Jim Taylor(10).

2006: Jim Taylor(4),Riaan Kruger(9).

2007: Gert du Plessis(6). WC Final Judge: Brian McKenzie (SA).

2008: Hannes Rossouw(2),Riaan Kruger(3),Alfie Scott(6).

2009: Steve Naude(1),Poen Sahabodien(3). WC Final Judge: Hannes Rossouw (SA).

2010: Riaan Kruger(9).

2011: Colyn Nel(4),Hannes Rossouw(5),Johnny Conradie(6).

2012: Sparks Axsel(3),Jim Taylor(4),Hannes Rossouw(8).

2013: Sparks Axsel(3),Edgar Roscoe(4),Ewald Botha(8).

2014: Clinton Mioch(4)

2015: ---

2016:  sparks axel (1) frik de beer (2) edgar rosco (4) Niekie Deysel (10)


2001: Gawie Cilliers(Open); Gert du Plessis(Yearlings); Allan Botha(Babies).

2002: Johnny Conradie(Open); Johnny Conradie(Yearlings); Gert du Plessis(Babies).

2003: Gert du Plessis(Open); Stoffel Smit(Yearlings); Johnny Conradie(Babies).

2004: Paul Joubert(Open); Colyn Nel(Yearlings); Kenny Tommy(Babies).

2005: Jim Taylor(Open); Gert du Plessis(Yearlings); Riaan Kruger(Babies).

2006: Charles Joubert(Open); Ervin Kay(Yearlings); Steve Naude(Babies).

2007: Alfie Scott(Open); Jim Taylor(Yearlings); Alfie Scott(Babies).

2008: Alfie Scott(Open); Steve Naude(Yearlings); Riaan Kruger(Babies).

2009: Riaan Naude(Open); Shane Kruger(Yearlings); Hannes Rossouw(Babies).

2010: Hannes Rossouw(Open); Colyn Nel(Yearlings); Johnny Conradie(Babies).

2011: Henk van der Westhuizen(Open); Sparks Axsel(Yearlings); Johnny Conradie(Babies).

2012: Jonathan Roscoe(Open); Jude Roscoe(Yearlings); Johnny Conradie(Babies).

2013: Poen Sahabodien(Open); Poen Sahabodien(Yearlings); Sparks Axsel(Babies).

2014: Frik de Beer(Open) ; Ewald Botha(Yearlings) ; James Temple(Babies).

2015: Edgar Roscoe(Open); Niekie Deysel(Yearlings); Edgar Roscoe(Babies).

2016: sparks axel (open) paul Erasmus (yearlings) steve naude (babies)


2006: SA, Johnny Conradie , Gert du Plessis, Johnny Conradie. (SA Judge: Ervin Kay)

2008: Eng, ? , ? , ? . (SA Judge: Gert du Plessis)

2010: SA, Shane Kruger, Sparks Axsel, Sparks Axsel. (SA Judge: Hannes Rossouw)

2012: Eng, Steve Naude, Steve Naude,-------. (SA Judge: Hennie Wagener)

2014: Eng, Hannes Rossouw,Kenny Snyders, Kenny Snyders. (SA Judge: Sparks Axsel)


1998: Johnny Conradie(Pr), Frank Baker(Secr+ Tres).

1999: Johnny Conradie(Pr), Colyn Nel(Secr+ Tres+WCCC).

2000: Johnny Conradie(Pr), Colyn Nel(Secr+ WCCC), Henk van Rensburg(Tres).

2001: Johnny Conradie(Pr), Colyn Nel(Secr+ WCCC), Henk van Rensburg(Tres).

2002: Johnny Conradie(Pr), Colyn Nel(Secr+ WCCC), Henk van Rensburg(Tres).

2003: Jim Taylor(Pr), Danie Fourie(Secr), Hennie Wagener(Tres), Colyn Nel(WCCC).

2004: Hennie Wagener(Pr), Henk van Rensburg(Secr), Johnny Conradie(Tres+ RD 1), Colyn Nel(WCCC),Jim Taylor(RD 2), Tom du Toit(RD 3).

2005: Buks Knoetze(Pr), Hans Kruger(Secr), Hennie Wagener(Tres),Johnny Conradie(WCCC), Johan van Tonder(RD 1),Jim Taylor(RD 2), Hannes Rossouw(RD 3).

2006: Buks Knoetze(Pr), Brian McKenzie(Secr), Hennie Wagener(Tres), Johnny Conradie(WCCC).

2007: Johnny Conradie(Pr+ WCCC), Henk van Rensburg(Secr), Hennie Wagener(Tres), Riaan Kruger(RD 1), Gerrie Naude(RD 2), Hannes Rossouw(RD 3)

2008: Trevor Michelle(Pr), Henk van Rensburg(Secr), Hennie Wagener(Tres), Colyn Nel(WCCC), Johan van Tonder(RD 1), Gerrie Naude(RD 2), Hannes Rossouw(RD 3).

2009: Trevor Michelle(Pr), Henk van Rensburg(Secr+ Tres), Colyn Nel(WCCC),

2010: Johan van Tonder(Pr), Michelle van Tonder(Secr+ Tres), Hannes Rossouw(WCCC),Tony Oosthuizen(RD 1), Shedon Maughan(RD 2), Albert Wallis(RD 3).

2011: Johan van Tonder(Pr), Michelle van Tonder(Secr+Tres), Hannes Rossouw(WCCC),Johnny Conradie(RD 1), Sheldon Maughan(RD 2),Albert Wallis(RD 3).

2012: Colyn Nel(Pr), Robert Jansen van Vuuren(Secr),Michelle van Tonder(Tres),Hannes Rossouw(WCCC), Sparks Axsel(RD1),Sheldon Maughan(RD 2),Albert Wallis(RD 3).

2013: Riaan Naude(Pr), Sparks Axsel(Secr+Tres), Sheldon Maughan(WCCC),Ewald Botha(RD 1),Hennie Wagener(RD 2),Hannes Rossouw(RD 3), Cyril Edmunds(RD 4).

2014: Riaan Naude(Pr), Sparks Axsel(Secr+Tres), Sheldon Maughan(WCCC),Tommy Laubscher(RD 1),Hennie Wagener(RD 2),Hannes Rossouw(RD 3),Cyril Edmunds(RD4).

2015: Hennie Wagener(Pr+RD 2),Sparks Axsel(Secr+Tres+RD 1),Sheldon Maughan(WCCC),Niekie Deysel(RD 3), Lloyd Pretorius(RD 4).

2016: Hennie Wagener(Pr), Niekie Deysel(Secr), Sparks Axsel(Tres+WCCC),Johan Hayward(RD1),Leon J van Rensburg(RD2), Jan Deysel(RD3), Lloyd Pretorius(RD4).
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